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The Empire House creates customized living spaces to serve your style, needs and aims to increase the value of your space. We are a local company that serves the GTA and Hamilton area. We manage your projects with ease, delivering personalized services from the inception of your project to completion. Our services include Staging Interior Design, Renovation, Restorations, and Freight.

We are here for you

We understand the upheaval that happens when you take on a project that interrupts your living space. Our promise to you is that we will:

Respect your time. We know how time consuming renovations or even staging can be when it happens in the space you live in. We will do our best to keep on schedule and inform you if anything impacts your project deadlines. We make sure to focus on each project one at a time to customize your experience.

Respect your space. We promise to minimize our footprint in your space, and leave it better than we found it. Quality work that is customized to your needs is of utmost importance to us.

Respect you. We understand the process of housing projects and their complexity. We will keep you in the loop so you are always aware of what is happening in your space, what the next steps are for your project, and will be accessible to answer any of your questions. All in a timely manner that respects your schedule.

Starting a project

Our design philosophy centers around what your space can do for you. It is important to start with how you want to feel in the space rather than what colours to use, or the hardware on the cabinets. How do you want to feel in your space? Are you looking for comfort and cozy, or something that makes a statement?

If you're not sure, or can't agree with your partner, that's all right! In those cases you may want to start with keeping the design relatively neutral and timeless for foundational elements. Once those fundamental elements are in place, you can add more personal elements such as paintings and pillows that match to your taste. It is easier to change the transitional elements of your space rather than the foundational ones.

We recommend you consider hiring an interior designer. Usually design professional pay for themselves because they are able to avoid pitfalls that you may not consider when refreshing your space. Not only do we help with finding the right aesthetic for your space, they help guide your decisions so the project is feasible given your budget,schedule, and existing situation.

After browsing through our portfolio, see if you can imagine yourself in any of our rooms. Please reach out to us if you appreciate our style! We want to make sure that we are the right fit for you.

Quality work

We focus on quality work that is customized to your living space. Here is a list of our preferred vendors who are reputable and known for their quality and craftsmanship.

Preffered vendors: Sherwin Williams (paint), Tubs (bathroom features & fixtures), Kastern (security solutions), Domir (blinds & window treatment), Benjamin Moore (paint), Viscotech (corian & marble), Canada Flooring (tiles & wood options), Delta Faucets (fixtures), Rubinet (bathroom fixtures)



"This is my vacation home, I wanted to update it. I left it in Leila’s hands and she did a lovely job and was able to complete the renovation in eight weeks."

Scope of the project

Full renovation

Location: Collingwood

Rooms: Living room, dining room, kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms.


"I am extremely happy with Leila and members of her team at Empire House. Leila was great from start to finish on the job. Pricing was fair. The painting team was polite, professional and conscientious at making sure everything was painted thoroughly and what was not to be painted covered. I am so happy to come home at night seeing what looks like a brand new house.”

Scope of the project

Exterior painting and service

Location: Hamilton

Rooms: House Exterior

About Us



Our focus for renovating your space requires considerations such as budget and unexpected situations that may arise while uncovering parts of you space. All the while implementing your vision with attention to detail and quality.

Types of renovation that we offer:

Full renovation

Kitchens & bathrooms

Fireplaces & basements

Additions & garages

Front porch & driveways

Ceiling & murals



Luxury vinyl


Load bearing walls


Custom cabinetry

Custom storage

Wall Tiling

Crown moulding & trim

Dry wall & taping



Staging your home is about providing others with a vision for how they may use a space. Setting your space up for selling is important and we ca certainly set the stage for your potential buyers.


Every so often, we need to refine an aspect of your living space, or create customized components such as a painting or mural. That type of work is built into our renovation process

Interior design

Interior design elevates your home into a serene experience that fits your domestic requirements. We take all of your requirements into consideration when designing a beautiful experience customized to you.


Is there a unique international element that you would like to include in your project? We have the experience to acquire most of the materials you need to execute that unique component.


We are always connecting with contractors that are able to fill the following roles. Trades people are welcome to send in their resume to careers@theempirehouse.com.

Structural Engineer

Project Manager

Site Manager

Kitchen & Bathroom


General Carpentry


Gas Fitter


Backsplash & Kitchen

Counter Installer



1. Initial consultation

The initial purpose of our consultation is to understand your vision, discuss the scope of the project, and make sure that we are the right fit for you. Depending on what services you require, we may require payment at the end of the session.

2. Home inspection

Another part of understanding the scope of the work is to gather requirements and measurements from your space.

3. Consultation for design and finishings

The next consultation finalizes several details including: concept drawings, swatches and materials, along with suggestions for appliances. If you are looking for something special that elevates your space, we offer a unique freight service. Payment may be required at this stage in the process.

4. Consultation for final designs

At this point we are confident about the requirements for your space, along with your taste and style. The purpose of this consultation is to review the construction drawing, your contract, the statement of work, and payment schedule. We offer different options tailored to your budget. Payment may be required at this stage in the process.

5. Construction scheduling and start

We are dedicated to keeping you informed and setting expectations with you as we transform your space. You can expect us to notify you about who will be at your location, when they will be there, and what actions will be taken at that time.

6. Breaking ground

One of the most exciting experiences in the process! This is the start of implementing your vision and creating your space.

7. Progress check-ins

As part of our mandate, during the process we conduct weekly check-ins to keep you informed of the progress of your project. Updates may include changes to the construction drawings or changes to the construction schedule if unexpected situations arise, Remember, your situation can change once the project begins. Please do not get discouraged if your project requires a bit of trouble shooting and we need to modify the original plan! In those situation we take the lead and guide you through those waters, until you land safely on the other side with your beautiful new space.

How long will my renovation take?

There are several aspects that factor into how long a renovation may take:

  • Size of the space.
  • How comfortable you are with the design, or how often the design changes.
  • What needs to be updated or replaced. For example are you updating the cabinetry and floors, or are you rearranging a floor plan that includes a load bearing wall.
  • Are there any building permits required for your project?
  • Do you have custom components or are you using stock components? For example, custom cabinetry compared to commercial cabinetry from local retailers.
  • Custom materials. For example, ordering a marble countertop from Italy has a longer lead time compared to a granite countertop from a local retailer.
  • Unknown aspects of the project that are revealed after demolition. Finding yourself in that situation is difficult! That is where we come in and guide you through the process for the best possible outcome.

Estimate for renovations


3 to 6 months


3+ months

Bedrooms, living rooms, home offices

3 to 4 months

8. Clean-up & customer inspection

One of the final steps of transforming your living space is clearing out any debris and professionally cleaning every room that is affected by the project.

The final walk-through is the most exciting time after the project is complete. Even if you're excited to see the final space, please make sure to thoroughly analyse and check every aspect of our work. It is important that you are completely satisfied with the outcome. The final payment outlined on your payment schedule is due at this stage in the process.

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